Top 25 Albums of 2012: #5… Foxy Shazam – Welcome To The Church of Rock and Roll


For Foxy Shazam, Rock and Roll is the *only* religion. Welcome To The Church of Rock and Roll isn’t just a title, it’s a battle cry! Now stand and turn with me to the book of Foxy, Chapter Four, Verse Two..
“Your music sucks, including us! It’s time we clear our name!” cries Eric Nally. The title opening track roars in with fiery guitars, triumphant drums, and vocals that proclaim Foxy is here and taking no prisoners, and with powerhouse Queen-esque backing vocals that rip your attention away. After a gigantic opening, Foxy hits us with their new ode to the derriere, “I Like It”. “That’s the biggest black ass I’ve ever seen, and I like it!”. Lyrics fit for a hip hop dance tune, but geared for maximum impact rock and roll, proving that it is possible to shake your ass and bang your head at the same time. Without a second thought track three soldiers in, the smashing “Holy Touch”, which recalls not only Queen, but some of the fabulous glam 70s of Sweet and maybe even T. Rex but amped up to eleven. Eric hits a note in this song that took me a while to believe it was made by a human. Church doesn’t let up. “Last Chance at Love” sounds like a lost big 80s Pat Benatar riff mixed with the sweet vocals of seventies superstardom.
The first mellow spot on the album “Forever Together” starts as a song written for Eric Nally’s son and about being on the road. It also sounds like a great lost 70s classic, but this time with some white boy sould mixed in.  “Too Late Baby” drives on with a big anthemic feel and reminds us a bit more of the previous self-titled album’s feel.
Next we get.. umm… Foxy unplugged? “I Wanna Be Yours” is a pure fun clap-along neck-roller. “Wasted Feelings” is big and has a great horn section, melding hard rock and soul.
The last two songs are Foxy’s version of self-definition. “The Streets” is meant for singing along as Nally laments where he came from, and “Freedom” is halfway between bar-room drunken singalong and a slowed down version of their earlier pre-fame sound, ending on a big celebratory note.
Rock and Roll will never die as long as there are bands like Foxy Shazam that refuse to let the flame go out. They bring the party and they rock like they mean it. The band and production is tight, but never stifled, and the songs just make you wanna have a good time. Blasphemy, blast for you, blast for everybody!

Videos from the album to check out:

“Holy Touch”

“I Like It”

“Welcome to the Church of Rock and Roll”

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