Metallica kicks off their new label “Blackened Recordings” with a brand new DVD and Blu-Ray, Quebec Magnetic. Why is this one worth your time? After all, in the time since the Death Magnetic tour in 2009, there have been three other video releases from this tour. First came Francais Pour Une Nuit. That one was shot at the Arènes de Nîmes in France. While the moment is captured perfectly, some of the effects and explosions used in the normal show had to be toned down due to the location. Then there was Orgullo, Pasion y Gloria: Tres Noches en Mexico. I do not own this one, but have read that it suffers from the concert being interrupted by interviews. I hate that. That’s what bonus features are for. Both of those were mainly available through Metallica’s website and not in stores. Then there was The Big 4. Every Metallica fan.. hell every self respecting metal fan should own that one. All three capture Metallica back on top of their game.
Quebec Magnetic is filmed in the round, similar to the Load shows filmed for Cunning Stunts. This captures the audience excitement much better I think. But since the video is from several shows, this allowed Metallica to construct a different set list. This really allows you to feel like you’re not watching the same show twice. While The Big 4 gives you a fairly standard “greatest hits” set list, albeit with “Blackened”, “Hit The Lights” and even “Fuel”, Quebec Magnetic instead gives you explosive versions of “The Shortest Straw”, “Whiplash”, the welcome return of “The Four Horsemen”, and lesser played songs like ‘Killing Time”. The selection of songs from Death Magnetic is better too. In addition to “Cyanide”, and the opener “That Was Just Your Life”, we get a jaw-dropping “My Apocalypse”, “Broken, Beat & Scarred”, “The End of The Line” and “Judas Kiss”.
Sure James Hetfield doesn’t punctuate every comment with f-bombs anymore. But the clean and sober zenmaster version of James is so much more focused. This is a snapshot of a band playing like their careers and their good name are at stake. All four members are more energetic than they have been since the 80s and hungry for it. It’s because of this that the versions of “Master of Puppets”, “One”, even “Enter Sandman” sound fresh again because the band means it again. And this feels like a normal Metallica show on a normal but spectacular night, so the vibe is different from the Nimes show.
At only $15 on Blu-ray, this is definitely a value for your money. The sound mix is stunning for a concert release. The film is crisp and clear, and the camera editing is right at the right places to capture all the action. Not only do you get a concert-length feature at over two hours, but another eight bonus tracks that were left off, mainly duplicate songs from the other dvd releases. Around three hours of classic (and current) Metallica!

Check out some clips…

“That Was Just Your Life”

“Master of Puppets”


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