I recently stumbled across the site for Wax Audio while perusing YouTube. I have to say of the many mashup artists out there, this one has a musical mind closest to my own. If you are the type that likes to live in a world where Metallica, Iron Maiden, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson can share a playlist in perfect harmony, this is for you! But furthermore, this talented Aussie producer is great at understanding how to mix the right amount of the right elements make a mashup sound good. At his site, there are free downloads of all 3 albums of his Mashopolos series, along with other projects and videos for many of the best tracks. His newest, Mashopolos III: Mashups for the People can be found by clicking the link or the album cover above.

Here are some of my favorites:

“Lady Judas” – Lady Gaga “Judas” vs. Judas Priest “Painkiller”

“Sad But Superstitious” – Metallica “Sad But True” vs. Stevie Wonder “Superstition”

“Golden Teardrops” – The Beatles “Golden Slumbers” vs. Massive Attack “Teardrop”

“Careless Rebel” – George Michael “Careless Whisper” vs. Billy Idol “Rebel Yell”

…and my *alltime* favorite:

“Stayin’ Alive In The Wall” – Pink Floyd vs. Bee Gees

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