Stabb 1

Here’s someone you probably haven’t heard of, but trust me you will soon! Introducing Columbus, Ohio’s own Jackie Stabb. A friend of mine told me the other day that I need to check out her videos on YouTube. That voice! It’s so beautiful and captivating! From the two songs she has posted so far, this is very soothing and seductive music suited for a late night. So far Jackie does not have an album out yet, but when she does I will be eager to hear it. Jackie will be playing a show at Kobo in Columbus this Saturday at 9pm. Details about her show and her music can be found at Jackie’s official Facebook page.

Here are her first two “Stabb Session” videos. I’m hoping more sessions are on the way soon!

Stabb Session #01 – Sweetest Kill (Broken Social Scene Cover)

Stabb Session #02, “Live at Kobo” – Song Preview “Going Nowhere”

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