It’s been an interesting few weeks for Prince fans. A couple weeks back, his royal purpleness was the subject of a Billboard magazine interview. Two new tracks have been available since then. The first was a rock jam called “Screwdriver” that appeared as a lyric video on Vimeo. There was a half baked story about an “international art thief” called 3rdEyeGirl that was posting these stolen songs online. Just like the Jamie Starr pseudonym of the 80s, Prince was unable to keep this fib going for very long, especially when the lyric video to “Screwdriver” shows his new drummer with the 3rdeyegirl logo on her drum kit.
This week the same 3rdEyeGirl posted a new track on YouTube. The track was a laid back sexy track called “Breakfast Can Wait”. The YouTube link has since disappeared, but now there is a website, also called, that offers four new tracks for sale. These are “Breakfast Can Wait”, “Screwdriver”, a longer revved up  “Screwdriver Remix” (still rock though, not a club remix), and a remix of the track he released late last year, “Rock and Roll Love Affair” called “RNR Remix 7”. And when you purchase the tracks, the billing recipient shows as… surprise! NPG Records.
In that article in Billboard, Prince was asked about a new album. Prince responded something along the lines of he would rather focus on singles. But with the new site, most of us longtime fans know better that an album is probably in the works, as Prince typically starts a website to promote an album, then ditches the site afterward.
While Prince makes up and changes his mind, this gives us some new tracks in a few places: offers: “Breakfast Can Wait”, “Screwdriver”, “Screwdriver Remix”, and “RNR Remix 7”.
Amazon now offers: “Screwdriver“, “Rock and Roll Love Affair (Original Extended Mix)” and an EP containing a few remixes of the latter.
Physical copies of “Rock and Roll Love Affair” are available from Purple Music Inc on Vinyl.

The audio version of “Breakfast Can Wait” has been taken from YouTube but can be heard HERE.

Meanwhile, check these out below!:


“Rock And Roll Love Affair”


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