It’s always exciting when Scissor Sisters release a DVD. As someone who has seen them four times now myself, I can testify that these guys know how to bring the party. However, this DVD has pros and cons. Even though the band did a tour for their most recent album Magic Hour before going on hiatus, their new DVD is from 2011, during the Night Work tour. However, even their full Night Work tour setlist isn’t here.
The DVD is taken directly from a television program covering the Lovebox Festival. Drawbacks to this are that the band is amongst a bigger lineup and has to abbreviate their set to around 50 minutes, the band isn’t in front of their die-hard audience, and the show is mostly a pre-dusk show. It’s my experience that Scissor Sisters are best experienced in the dark. Even the lighting for the tour looked best in a darkened concert venue. What’s more misleading is that the font and artwork are far more reminiscent of Magic Hour. But no, sorry. There’s no “Let’s Have a Kiki” here.
The upside to this release is you get a raw as-it-happens show. The sound isn’t mixed perfect. In fact nothing’s really perfect because there’s no post-production mixing to cover up flaws. And with those flaws Scissor Sisters is a pretty damn good band. Ringleader Ana Matronic gets in a few words here and there, the band is all featured prominently, and you get a real feel for what it was like to be there on a rainy afternoon.
This tour featured no ballads, only high energy songs. The main program is the televised eleven tracks. This included fun romps through “Laura”, “Comfortably Numb”, where they make a very cheeky dedication to David Gilmour’s son, who was in the news at the time for criminal charges, “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin'” and the highlight of the show, “Invisible Light”. On this tour, Jake Shears has stopped singing falsetto on many songs, even the recent “Any Which Way”, opting for a louder, lower voice. Ana Matronic then backed him in falsetto. On some songs this worked, and on “Any Which Way” it robbed the song of a little something.
The bonus features are simply two extra unbroadcasted songs, “Harder You Get” and “Running Out”. While neither was a single, both were highlights of the show and were very energetic performances, so I am happy they were included.
It’s a shame that a full theater show like their performance at Chicago’s Riviera Theater that I witnessed wasn’t filmed. There was magic at that show that is a little bit lost on a festival crowd. The freaks really did come out at night. But this show is still a lot of fun. It’s still a really good DVD. It’s just not *classic*. We Are Scissor Sisters…And So Are You! is classic. When you watch that DVD you get a feel of exactly what a true Scissor Sisters experience is like. But there’s an hour of great music here, with songs not performed on previous live DVDs.

The Tracklist:
Night Work / Any Which Way / Laura / Take Your Mama / Kiss You Off / Fire With Fire / Comfortably Numb / Paul McCartney / Filthy/Gorgeous / I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ / Invisible Light
Bonus: Harder You Get / Running Out

Get your own copy BY CLICKING HERE for the DVD!

Check out a clip from Live In Victoria Park:


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