It looks like a lot of noise in being made on the Prince front again.

In good Prince news, he has announced several U.S. concert dates, mostly on the west coast with his new band 3rd Eye Girl over at his new site According to one of the leading Prince news authorities, Dr. Funkenberry, on Sunday April 14th, there will be a tour launch party in Vancouver, where the new full length album with the working title Plectrum Electrum will be previewed for the crowd. This is exciting news, as Prince’s last album 20Ten was only released in a fewcountries for free with purchase of music and news publications. because he either was immediately bored with promoting it, or because the masses had no idea about its existence, the album came and went with little mention except to the longtime fans that stay on top of all things Prince via internet sources such as Dr. Funkenberry and Also, a new track called “Fix Ur Life Up” leaked out over the last couple days after being played on a Canadian broadcast this week. The track is a harder rock track featuring 3rd Eye Girl. They are taking him into some somewhat fresh musical territory. This may be the inspiration he needed. Let’s hope the new music and album remain enthused and open to new ground.

As of today, there are a couple links out there to some of the excellent new music he’s been working on with 3rd Eye Girl. Catch them while you can, as they could be taken down at any given moment. They are at the bottom of the page.

Prince - Plectum Electrum

The bad news, Prince either does not understand how internet marketing works, or just flat out wants to mess with people. His legal team have started going after video sharing websites again hard and heavy, the latest being called to take down his videos.

Prince, seriously. Do you want people to be able to hear your songs? Radio isn’t playing you all that much anymore, and definitely not anything you’ve made after 1994. MTV no longer exists as a visual medium. How do you expect the world to all be singing along to your music if they can’t find it? The only people who blindly buy your music without hearing it are the longterm fans. One by one, each of them gets upset one way or another and turns away when they feel they are getting played. Use that intense creativity and imagination of yours, and use the internet as the valuable tool that it is! You’re on to the right track with But don’t fight your past success. Those of us long term fans have followed you for a reason. The harder you try to erase your history, the harder it comes back to haunt you. Just embrace it. These days the artists selling albums do so out of gaining listeners’ respect.

I supposed I need to go back and check my links in previous stories. Most videos of new tracks are left up for maybe a week, then taken down. It takes the public a while to catch on to a good song, since radio no longer takes chances on anyone over 35. Recent excellent tracks such as “Screwdriver” and “Rock and Roll Love Affair” are now erased from all the normal places. Why waste money on a good music video if people aren’t going to see it? Is this Prince trying to walk a love/hate line? You can’t go viral when you don’t have something to watch at the other end of that viral link. Now it has become a game for those fans on the internet. A game of keepaway with hiding the videos under links and such.

But to his credit, Prince’s 3rdEyeGirl website has been a source for fans to download some real gems lately. Some of his new material found there such as “Breakfast Can Wait” and “Boyfriend” along with vamped up “remix” versions of “Rock and Roll Love Affair” and “Screwdriver” are some of his best material in a long time! And these are official downloads. If only he could find that happy medium to promote this material to new listeners outside of the devoted purple minions.

In any case, Plectum Electrum should be quite a good album if these new songs are featured on it. We shall see. We’ve learned with prince there are no release dates, no promises, and the album could show up tomorrow for all we know. Hey Prince here’s an idea. Record Store Day. Next weekend. Put your album out pre-release surprise style, on purple vinyl. You’ve gone on at length about how you love vinyl right? We would eat it up, you’d get some press, and we all win!

Here are seven links that are out there right now for your listening pleasure:


Breakfast Can Wait:

Boomstratus (an amped up redo of Lotusflow3r’s “Boom”):

Let’s Go Crazy Reloaded (a slowed down reimagined version with 3rd Eye Girl):

Live Out Loud:


and a teaser of “Groovy Potential”:

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  1. Kelly Salaam · · Reply

    It’s interesting that Prince is making a stand for artists on You Tube. Without record deals and having invested in the making of their own recordings and videos, it is exploitation, but, used properly, those sites can be promotional avenues. He’s relevant as a Recording Artist; one of the most successful and he has a right to be informed, asked, approached with some sort of agreement before he helps these media sites make billions of cash! I utilize those sites to see him, without travelling here and there, but, I love him. If he gives me money its cuz I’m hot!

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