Today marks the 30th anniversary of “Weird Al” Yankovic in 3-D. This was the album that put Al on the map and made him a household name in the 80s and still today. The big boost in notoriety was thanks to his music video of a spot-on spoof of Michael Jackson.. “Eat It”. In 3-D was quite a step up from his self titled debut. By this point point his band had found their footing and was doing really good impersonations of the songs they were spoofing. The spoofs were about half of the album. “Eat It parodied “Beat It”, “I Lost On Jeopardy” parodied “Jeopardy” by Greg Khin Band. “The Brady Bunch”.. yep “The Safety Dance”. He also took on “Eye of The Tiger” and The Police’s “King of Pain”. He started his tradition of having a polka medley on every album made of current-ish hits. His originals like “Mr Popeil” and “Nature Trail to Hell” also established he could do originals and not just spoofs. And his videos really were top notch as far as parodies go. He would even to this day set the bar for how to do comedy music and to do parody songs.
So today I am honoring this milestone in comedy and music by presenting a page full of videos, tv appearances, and most of a rare 1984 concert (for this week’s Friday Night Concert) to celebrate a truly unique musician and comedian, Weird Al!

“Eat It” – video:

“I Lost On Jeopardy” – video:

“Eat It” – Live at the Rock Palace 3-17-84 lost footage:

“Ricky” – Live at the Rock Palace 3-17-84 lost footage:

Live 6/9/84 in Burbank CA:

The Brady Bunch:

Buckingham Blues:

Polkas on 45:

I Lost on Jeopardy:

Buy Me a Condo:

Midnight Star:

Stop Draggin’ My Car Around:

Nature Trail to Hell:

King of Suede:

It’s Still Billy Joel to Me:

Food Medley: Theme from Rocky XIII / Flatbush Avenue / Spameater / Feel Like Throwing Up / Avocado / Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut / Take the L Out of Liver / Fatter / My Bologna / Whole Lotta Lunch / We Got the Beef:

Eat It:

Another One Rides the Bus:

I Love Rocky Road:

Get your own copy of “Weird Al” Yankovic in 3-D HERE:

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