From behind the wall of music – a rambling post by Rob…

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Hi all you readers! Just a “what’s going on” post for now amongst my erratic spurts of review posts. Maintaining a blog like this is not easy. I have my days where I don’t feel like writing, and those days that I get really excited about it. In theory, I’d love to review every album I buy or check out. This year that’s been a ridiculous amount of music. Since I have a full time job, that limits my time spent on this to the evenings. And some nights I’m just tired out. IT work can fry your brain some days. If I were working for a magazine all day and supported myself doing this, it would be easier to make time. But then, magazines have several writers. I just want to review it all myself!

But all that aside I do want to take a quick moment to thank all of you readers who have been following along. I’ve had some very in depth conversations with you. Meeting others out there with similarly wired brains as myself – that makes this all worth while. I’ve gotten some helpful feedback about my writing and I do appreciate that.

I still plan on doing my yearly Top 25 Albums of the year. I can already tell you that it won’t be easy to choose. It has been one incredible year for me as a music fan. Many people I’ve loved for a long time have made really good albums this year. My cutoff date has already been set at 11/25/14. Anything coming out in December will be eligible for next year’s list. Starting in November I will be locking myself away with headphones and a keyboard, so I can give full reviews of those I didn’t review yet, and an updated version of those I have. I will start with #25 on November 30, counting down one a day.

And please, understand that when I do this list, my taste is all over the place. Of course there are great bands that made albums this year that didn’t make my lists or my blog. That’s why I read other blogs too. Your favorite album might be the one I haven’t heard yet. While I try to take in as much music as possible, there are only so many hours in a day, an I am very loyal to some of the artists I grew up on. But I’m always open to suggestions also.

Thus ends my ramble for the evening. Thank you for reading!


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