“Rob’s Wall of Music” is taking a hiatus…


As I’m sure you’re noticed, I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve decided that I’m going to take a break from writing reviews. I don’t know for how long. But lately I’m had many things taking up my free time. I’ve been doing some really in-depth research to create some very specific Spotify playlists. I’ve been digging through old archives of Billboard magazine. I’ve been going through my collection and rediscovering old albums celebrating anniversaries (1970, 1975, etc through 10 years ago). I’ve been digging through bargain bins and there’s been a massive amount of new releases that I’d rather take the time to enjoy than to rush to write a review.

I don’t want to jump into some kind of “woe is me” thing, but in this day where everyone has an opinion on the internet, and so many use their voices to be absolutely negative, I wonder if it’s even worth it. Am I bringing anything new? Or am I simply telling people that already like what I’m reviewing what they want to hear? I don’t want to write reviews just to spite bad reviews. And it gets to where when I get home from my actual job, I’d rather listen and escape than to be writing. I’m sure that will change. That’s one constant about having ADHD… I get bored fairly easily.

In the meantime while I figure it all out, I will leave you with my current Spotify projects.

This one is 1985. All of it. It’s a work in progress. 30 years ago. All the pop, rock, r&b, dance, early hip hop… everything of note I can get my hands on. Why that year? Call it reliving and rediscovering my childhood. In 1985 my mind was a blank slate for all the musical discoveries I would soon have. In one year you can only hear so much. I’ve done similar lists for many of the years since I was born but my 1984 and 1985 lists are the most detailed. I also made one of 1985’s 12″ singles. About half are on Spotify, and about half are not. But please feel free to enjoy what they do have!

1985 Complete:

1985 The 12″ singles:

Another I am working on, and this is becoming a research project – a playlist of all tracks on the Disco charts since Billboard started having a specific Disco (and later Dance) chart in late 1974. There’s a lot that isn’t out there, but there’s a lot that is. There’s also a ton of things that aren’t on every Disco compilation. The real funk grooves and forgotten gems. Hope you enjoy!

Disco – Late 1974 forward (Work in progress):

I hope to be back eventually, as it’s nice to have an outlet to write and share my opinions. But for now I am gonna dive into these other projects without the worry that I’m falling behind. Until we meet again, just remember no matter what you love – enjoy it thoroughly. There will always be someone to hate the things you love, but there’s always someone out there that loves it too. Just be you.




  1. This hiatus thing was sort of frustrating; I only just discovered your blog. Don’t leave now?! Hoping for better times to return. Meanwhile, I’ll read up on your (numerous!) old posts.

  2. Thanks so much for writing! I will be back soon. I just needed some time away. So many great new albums to write about. I’ve gotten fed up again reading the negativity and the way that can ruin the music experience for people. I got into this to be a positive voice and be analytical but open minded. They always say “be the change you want to see”. So I will be doing that again very soon. Thank you!

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