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“Rob’s Wall of Music” Top 25 Albums of 2012 – The Complete List (with complete reviews!)…

Here are my picks for the top 25 albums of 2012. Complete in-depth reviews can be found by clicking on each title in the list, or by going back to my main page. I hope you’ve had a great holiday season and have a great 2013! Now without further ado… Rob’s Wall of Music Top […]

Top 25 Albums of 2012: #1 – Fun. – Some Nights…

Sometimes a band comes along that just changes how I look at everything. Fun. is that band. It all started with one of this year’s inescapable songs “We Are Young”. It was everywhere, from car commercials to Glee, to every public place that plays pop music. I liked the song, but didn’t take it seriously […]

Top 25 Albums of 2012: #2 – P!nk – The Truth About Love…

Truth be told, I didn’t like P!nk at first. “There You Go”, the song and video both seemed like derivative overdone 90s R&B. I’m so glad that a certain miss Alecia Moore proved us all wrong. I was a moderate fan from Misundaztood on, but I’m Not Dead and Funhouse cemented her as someone who […]

Top 25 Albums of 2012: #3 – Imagine Dragons – Night Visions…

It’s a little crazy how quickly I became a fan of Imagine Dragons. This summer I bought a ticket to see Awolnation, and I soon saw that Imagine Dragons was the opening band. Who? Never heard of ’em. Then a friend played me “It’s Time” soon after. I liked it. It sounded a bit different. […]

Top 25 Albums of 2012: #4: Muse – The 2nd Law…

In the past couple years since Muse’s last release The Resistance, I was really starting to miss songs about government conspiracies, the dystopian future and the Illuminati. Thank goodness Muse is back! And they are ready to take on the future once again. “Wake to see, your true emancipation is a fantasy” is how Muse’s […]

Top 25 Albums of 2012: #5… Foxy Shazam – Welcome To The Church of Rock and Roll

For Foxy Shazam, Rock and Roll is the *only* religion. Welcome To The Church of Rock and Roll isn’t just a title, it’s a battle cry! Now stand and turn with me to the book of Foxy, Chapter Four, Verse Two.. “Your music sucks, including us! It’s time we clear our name!” cries Eric Nally. […]

“ROB’S WALL OF MUSIC” TOP 25 ALBUMS OF 2012 – PART 4: #10 – #6

We’re getting closer to the top of the list! This week I review albums #10 to #6 of my top 25 album pics of 2012. Be sure to check out the links below each review for some great YouTube videos from each album! #10. Marina and the Diamonds – ‘Electra Heart’ There are times when […]

“ROB’S WALL OF MUSIC” TOP 25 ALBUMS OF 2012 – PART 3: #15 – #11

On we continue through more of my list of standout albums from 2012 that really shouldn’t be missed… #15. Kimbra – Vows Many of you will only know Kimbra as that singer who steals a shining moment on Gotye’s smash hit “Somebody That I Used To Know”. While she sounds great on that song, it’s […]

“Rob’s Wall of Music” Top 25 Albums of 2012 – Part 2: #20 through #16….

#20. Maroon 5 – Overexposed So what should you expect from an album called Overexposed? Especially when it seems like Maroon 5 just had a new album out Hands All Over. Before listening, I expected this to be a lot of reworked outtakes from that album. An album to house “Moves Like Jagger” since it […]

“Rob’s Wall of Music” Top 25 Albums of 2012 – Part 1: #25 – #21…

There were a lot of great albums to pick from this year. And several albums I expected to be in here just weren’t because for one reason or another I felt they fell short. But I won’t spoil it. Here’s the first part, #25-#21. My rule is simply that the album must have been released […]