I want to start my first review in quite some time by thanking those who have written me with kind words of encouragement. Sometimes just realizing there are others out there in the world who actually read what I have to say… it can really mean a lot. The internet can be a great place […]

As I’m sure you’re noticed, I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve decided that I’m going to take a break from writing reviews. I don’t know for how long. But lately I’m had many things taking up my free time. I’ve been doing some really in-depth research to create some very specific Spotify playlists. I’ve been […]

Alabama Shakes silences their doubters on their second album Sound & Color. Since their debut album, the band’s skills have grown, taking them from being a throwback southern blues-rock band to… well something a bit more experimental but a lot more powerful. But while “experimental” has killed sophomore albums by many artists, Alabama Shakes took […]

On this day in 1985, Prince and the Revolution’s followup to the massively successful Purple Rain album was released with little fanfare. Prince had asked that Warner Brothers release Around The World In A Day with almost no announcement, no videos, and no singles. I can only imagine the shouting matches that must have taken […]

With their self-titled debut album, Dead Sara made a believer out of me. A believer that the the true fire of rock and roll is very much alive. From the sounds of their newest album Pleasure To Meet You., they were just getting warmed up. This album may have as well been named Dead Sara […]

Within my vast collection of music, one of my fetishes is the the 80s 12″ Mix. It really is a lost art form. Mainly because club DJs would want to keep the beats going, special remixes were pressed up since around the disco era where a song would be taken from its single length format […]

Big Data isn’t so much a band as a concept. A concept built around the technology we’ve developed closing in on us. There’s the good that instant access to information can give us, but of course there’s the downside – the isolation, the lack of physical interaction, and so on. The “band”, at least on […]