Yes… yes they did. Primus has recorded a “cover” album of the soundtrack to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Why? Because they are Primus. If you love Primus, and you love Willy Wonka, then you might really love this. If you didn’t like Primus before, you will probably be screaming “blasphemy!”. If you are one of the lot that thinks Les Claypool is one of the best bass players of our time (as do I), then you may really be intrigued.

Who is this “Fungai Ensemble”? They consist of Mike Dillon on percussion and marimba, and Sam Bass on Cello. Basically, extra instrumentation to add eccentricities to the songs. But the biggest news here is the return of original drummer Tim Alexander to the fold. So what better way to celebrate than to record the songs of a movie Les Claypool has been obsessed with since he was a child? Only Primus.

While a couple of the tracks really twist the arrangements, such as “Pure Imagination”, others are closer to the originals, such as, well all of the “Oompa Loompa” songs. Yes, they did all of them. “Cheer Up Charlie” is both sweet and comical. “I Want It Now” boats lead vocals (for the first time if I’m not mistaken) by Ler a/k/a guitarist Larry LaLonde. And the entire album is bookended by “Hello Wonkites” and “Farewell Wonkites”, an adventurous instrumental based on “Pure Imagination”.

I really think the band captures the fun and excitement of the movie and its soundtrack here without doing just straight ahead covers. If you are familiar with Primus as a live band, you know how complex and sonically captivating the band can get when jamming on long instrumental passages. A lot of that fun was distilled into these tracks. And yet some of these would sit well next to Primus classics on a playlist, with none the wiser until the lyrics are recognized.

This is definitely not for Willy Wonka or Primus purists. Well then again, actually maybe it is. That sense of adventure and abandonment of the rules is what makes me like both the band and the movie. So in a weird twisted way, this album makes complete sense to me. It already has been and I’m sure will continue to be getting many repeat plays from me. I mean who can’t be put into a better mood by singing the “Oompa Loompa” songs, or “Golden Ticket”. Highly recommended for those seeking the fun and wacky side of things.

Get your copy here:

And here is a video from the album:



  1. I approached this one with equal amounts of dread and excitement. Whodathunk, right? But I can sum up my reveiw of the album in just one word:


  2. Christopher · · Reply

    This album is pure fun!
    A friend of mine who bought this said there were 5 golden discs that award a lifetime free pass to see Primus in concert? Have you heard anything about that?

  3. Sure did – I saw on the band’s Facebook page that at least 1 winner has been found so far. What a prize! I’m seen Primus twice. Once on an Ozzfest and once on the Tour de Fromage where they did *Sailing the Seas Of Cheese” in its entirety. What a show!

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