My anticipation for Roger Waters’ Us + Them tour had been building for quite some time. Those of us who had been paying attention to Roger’s set at the Desert Trip concert last year in California had seen video of his new treatment of “Pigs (3 Different Ones”. He had turned it into a full […]

I had long ago accepted that we would likely never get a new album from Roger Waters. His last album, Amused To Death was released way back in 1991. I wasn’t even more than passively interested in Pink Floyd at that point. My obsession with everything Pink Floyd related developed during my high school years. […]

This is something I hoped I’d not ever have to write. I’m still collecting my thoughts a day later. Having your heroes leave this dimension is not easy. I will probably write something more profound here soon, but for now I will simply add what I posted to Facebook yesterday, as I don’t know what […]

There’s one thing that most true music geeks love and understand, and that is the joy of digging through record or CD bins and killing off a Saturday discovering new finds. But more than that, many of us have been able to experience that in a real record store, with knowledgeable people who actually enjoyed […]

I am filled with a lot of mixed emotions writing this review. First of all, a sense of grief and mourning for the world’s loss of one of the most prolific, creative and boundary-pushing entertainers of our time. The stars will never align again in such a way that brought us David Bowie. Second, a […]

Phase Two, much to the relief of many, is a return to more of a classic funk-soul-pop-r&b Prince sound. Most importantly in my opinion, this includes the return of Prince’s stellar horn section. The track selection for this one has been culled from several different recordings from the last few years. I am beyond impressed with this album. While yes, it plays like a collection, especially when I have singles of about half of the album, it also works beautifully as an album. These songs all fit nicely next to each other. While parts of Phase One had to grow on me, Phase Two feels like home.

ROB’S WALL OF MUSIC TOP 25 ALBUMS OF 2015! My decision to start things back up here was a bit late to write full reviews for every single album on my list. 2015 had some really great albums, especially in a time when some naysayers think the album as an art form is dying. Some […]

A major story that happened this year while I was away was that Prince moved all of his music away from online streaming services like Spotify, and moved them all to Tidal. Since then, Prince uploaded his newest album HITnRUN: Phase One there as an exclusive for about a week prior to it hitting the […]

Less than a year after Prince’s successful double dose of Art Official Age and PLECTRUMELECTRUM, he announced that he had a new album ready. However, as typical of Prince, this wasn’t without some controversy. This summer Prince yanked all of his music, with the exception of a few stray compilation tracks, off of Spotify, which […]

I want to start my first review in quite some time by thanking those who have written me with kind words of encouragement. Sometimes just realizing there are others out there in the world who actually read what I have to say… it can really mean a lot. The internet can be a great place […]